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Thank you Bro. Morton for 42 wonderful years!

Arnold M. Morton first visited the church in Galveston while visiting relatives in Texas in 1974. After returning home to Ohio, he couldn't get the church off his mind. He felt drawn to the Galveston church and sent offerings to them. By faith, the Mortons sold their home, left family and friends in Ohio, and moved to Houston. They weren't sure where God was leading them. They just knew that God would open doors, as the Bible says to the church at Philadelphia. They thought possibly they would be sent to Philadelphia, PA. Bro. Morton enrolled in Texas Bible College as a full time student and worked a full time job. Then God gave him a burden for Galveston. He graduated from Texas Bible College in May 1978. God did open doors, and he was elected as Pastor of the First Apostolic Church in Galveston on August 22, 1978.

Bro. Morton's first message to the church in Galveston was about the love of God, and that they needed to love themselves. It was a message that touched the very soul of the congregation, and they've never forgotten the message of love and hope he delivered to them. He went on to minister to the church and preach many, many profound and life changing sermons. He was a man after God's own heart, a true prophet. He was so in tune with God that often his saints would come to church with needs or questions in their hearts, and during his sermons he would speak the very words they needed to hear and give the answers they needed. Other times saints would come to him for advice or counseling; he gave the godly counsel that was exactly what they needed. Things would work out just as he said they would. So many lives were forever changed by just one encounter with this man. The love of his flock dominated every action and word spoken by this shepherd. Those privileged to be a part of his flock felt safe and loved.

The church felt so fortunate to have this man of God guide the flock for 42 years. He was always there when they needed him. He'd take the time to listen to people's hopes and would share in their joys and sorrows as well, because he knew sometimes all they needed was someone to listen to them and encourage them. He was the best pastor anyone could ask for. There are so many examples of this great man's wisdom and love that it’s difficult to condense into a few paragraphs!

He radiated faith. If he said it, you could take it to the bank! One saint needed a job and tried for weeks and weeks to find one. Bro. Morton encouraged her to keep going back to one place, so she did. She got a job there, and worked there for many years and retired from that job. He encouraged another saint to get their college degree and by doing so God saw them through some very difficult times and led them to the wonderful job He had waiting for them.

He was a phone call away when a parishioner's son overdosed, and the doctors gave her terrible news about his condition. Bro. Morton told her not to believe what the doctors said and that he'd be there soon. He came and God touched her son and he recovered. He was out of town, but came as soon as he could when another saint was losing her child. The doctor had given up hope for that baby and said it would take a miracle. Bro. Morton said, "Let's believe God for a miracle.” He told the parents God wanted them to have a healthy baby. That little boy was born completely healthy and normal. The doctor came to the baby's dedication. In troubling times ahead, he told that mother that she would get to raise the child, and she did.

A young man was critically injured in a car accident and Bro. Morton got the phone call from the hospital. They later learned the transplant team was on alert because this man had signed up as an organ donor. Bro. Morton came to the hospital and stayed all night with the family while their son was in emergency heart surgery. His aorta was transected, and God miraculously allowed the young man to live. He is now healthy and lives a normal life and isn't even a heart patient.

A saint's grandson was burned on the face, neck and shoulder at her house and Bro. Morton got to her house before the ambulance. He took the saint to Shriner's Hospital and stayed with them until the toddler was released. This beautiful child doesn't have one scar from those burns!

There were many miracles when cancer patients recovered and those who were sick or facing possible serious illness were healed or recovered. There were healings of perforated colons, raging infections, gangrenous appendix, to name a few. God performed so many miracles! There was the premature baby who lay at death's door, too sick to put in an incubator. Bro. Morton prayed for the baby and told her parents that she would be ok. She is a beautiful, healthy nine year old today.

Bro. Morton lived in Friendswood and wanted to be closer to Galveston. So, he began building his own house in Hitchcock by himself. His church only found out after a saint happened to pass by his house and saw him there alone working on it. This was another example of the selfless love of a true shepherd. His concern was for the flock and how he could better serve his church.

At one time Bro. Morton needed to return to work so he took a job in Dallas, Texas, but didn't tell his congregation that he was driving from Dallas to Galveston twice a week. He would leave service after preaching on Sunday night and Wednesday night and drive 290 miles back to Dallas. Then he'd leave Dallas on Wednesdays as well as on Friday or Saturday and drive 290 miles to Galveston. He did this without complaint because he loved the church and his saints.

He was a great mediator, family counselor and friend. He didn't judge or condemn. He encouraged. He was courageous, honest, humble, righteous, reliable, hardworking, an inspiration to so many; sincere, trustworthy, and helpful.

One who loved him wrote the following on the day we lost our Pastor:

"You're in a better place

I've heard a thousand times

And at least a thousand times

I've rejoiced for you" by Mercy Me.

A sense of profound sadness and one of peace knowing this: Rev. A.M. Morton went home to receive his reward. He is one of the finest men ever, and his passing is a great loss.

He led a life of service to his country and later to so many in his 40 plus years as a pastor. It is the latter that has made such a huge, positive impact on our lives. He had a higher calling that he poured every ounce of himself into.

We pray for his family and all that mourn his passing. God grant them peace today and in the days to come.

Our church will be forever grateful for the privilege of having this man of God who was a giant among men as our Pastor. As the words of the song by Ray Boltz say, "Thank you for giving to the Lord. I am a life that was changed...I am so glad you gave.”      

Lovingly and respectfully written by Sis. Sharon Harrison (on behalf of Abundant Life Church).


I’m so thankful that you were able to marry us! You will forever be missed until we meet again.  Rest in Jesus!         

Tina Beckles 


Brother Morton showed how to be a Christian. He served well. He taught me to “love Jesus, and everything else will work out.” He never gave up on anyone. He will be missed. One day we will reunite.

Sandy Bundick


Brother Morton was a beacon of light in the darkness. He taught all of us we can live for Jesus no matter the circumstances. I will see you on the other side!    

Paul Bundick


I've always said that Brother Morton “raised me."  He became my spiritual father when I was 19 years old.  I am the product of his years of investment in my life.I hope I make him proud.  I can't wait to get to heaven and say thank you.  

Jeanice Miller


Bro.Morton, I really miss you. I don't have anyone to give me a hard time about eating all the chocolate candy and food. Love, 

Shirley James


Bro. Morton was a great Pastor and a dear friend. We will miss him.  

Della Moore


Brother Morton was my PASTOR, and FRIEND. He gave us the WORD of GOD, STRONG AND TRUE; NEVER WATERED DOWN. He showed us we could live for JESUS and still have fun.    

Daisy Joy


It was Bro. Morton who baptized me and also married my wife and I. He was there for the birth of each of our children. I ask him for his advice on the only house I ever bought. We bought it, and the renters were not going to leave but stay another month. When I told the realtor, he said it's your house now. I spoke with Bro. Morton and he told me that I could not take possession of the house with other people in it. I called the realtor back with that info and the situation changed. Bro. Morton was a very wise man and gave godly counsel. Blessed to have known him.    

Tom Geiger


Brother Morton was a true man of God, the perfect example of what a pastor is, and should always be—humble yet powerful, a man of action but not haughty, perfect in love like a ship in a rough sea holding steady to the Master's hand. The best years of my schooling were in the A.C.E. school program that Brother Morton started. Years later, I'm still being affected as I can hardly write through my tears. 

Sister Morton, I know it couldn't have been easy giving so much of yourself over the years. I can still remember your dog Fluffy (I believe), and thinking to myself “wow, this is what a family looks like.” You are always so sweet. I love you and Chris so very much and want to express my appreciation for sharing Bro. Morton over the years. I'm sorry for not staying in more constant contact with Bro. Morton over the years. I am deeply thankful and I am who I am today because of this wonderful man of God. 

I love you, Bro. Morton, and you will be missed. 

With much love,